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A Guide To Different Kinds Of Loan

From a young age, people learn how to make basic loan agreements. From borrowing an item of stationary at school, to, at a much later age, subsiding the purchase of a house – loans are a part of everyday life.

As adults, the loan agreements that we undertake can be of high value, which is why it’s important to choose the right type of agreement to assist you in your circumstances. To provide you with some assistance with your decision, we have produced a guide aimed at finding you the perfect loan terms.

We service individuals and businesses throughout the United Kingdom. Please visit our loan options page to learn more about our special offers.

Our loan options

There are many kinds of loans to choose from, some of which are more obviously suited to your requirements than others.

For example, if you are going to university and need to subsidise tuition fees, a student loan is often the best choice of finance. The government lend you the money to cover the fees, at a reasonably low rate of interest. You then start paying back the debt when you are earning enough money to do so.

For other types of loan, it can be much more difficult to determine whether you’re getting a good deal. At Mitch Kusy we can help. We will get to know your circumstances and your business inside out and then find the loan options that are your best fit.

Here are some of the services we provide:  


When purchasing a house, the majority of buyers take out a mortgage. This is a form of long-term loan, whereby the mortgage lender makes payment for the house outright and you re-pay the mortgage company each month at a relatively low rate of interest. Many mortgage providers give consumers the option of paying back either a fixed or variable interest loan, which means that the rate of interest at which you pay back the mortgage is either a fixed price each month, or varies in line with the base rate of inflation. Either option could be considered more or less risky than the other. 

Auto loans

An auto loan is one that is taken out to finance the cost of a new vehicle. The loan company will provide you with the cash to cover a new car, and you then pay them back over a period of time (the amount you pay back will include interest charges). This can be a particularly useful form of finance if you are able to adjust your budget to allow for a fixed amount of money to be leaving each month. Note that there may be special rate auto loans available if you are looking to buy a vehicle for a business, such as a van for house removal business. Many price comparison websites allow you to enter your loan requirements into the system, before providing you with a list of available companies to choose from, starting with the cheapest. Whilst the cheapest option may appear to be the most attractive, it is also advisable to enter into an agreement with a company you have heard of. At the very least, we recommend reading the terms and conditions.

Small business loans

If you are starting your own business, help can be available from your bank or another lender in the form of a small business loan. It’s an effective way of obtaining a relatively large amount of cash, whilst you pay the loan back over a period of time. A small business loan can really help get your business off the ground. For example if you are starting a beauty clinic and need costly equipment, you could buy manicure stations using the money. Many banks (at the time of writing) provide the option for first payments to be made back after two or three months, allowing new businesses the opportunity to see some income before making repayments.

All of the above are some of the loan options we can get for you. For other loans or to receive more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact form. We aim to get back to all enquiries within 24 hours.

Reasons for a loan

At different stages of your life, extra funding can be required to help you achieve your long-term goals. You might decide that you need a new car. If you are considering starting a family, you might consider getting a mortgage so that you can move somewhere bigger. Initially, it can feel daunting to consider purchasing something that you cannot immediately afford.

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